Recycled Fragility
if you don’t have what you need, you need what you have

… a base for lot of my art. Using the surroundings, exteriors of the areas where city centre turns into
suburbs as well as motives and ideas I accidentally come by…

… nice to recycle things and make it become something else with a new meaning but still carrying the
information, however distorted, from the original object…

… the beer cans flowers on one hand as recycled memories of experiences, good or bad, with drinking;
on the other hand as the drinkers themselves…

… empty can, trash, transforms into a flower apparently fragile but sharp on the edges

…a fool’s face grinning in the middle…

Pictures from the opening at Tina B. (Nostic Palace), Prague, Czech Republic , October 7., 2010

Pictures from Czech Center

Pictures from JOB Gallery
Tina-B (rungot) On the Road